What and how often we eat is so important, but it's not always easy with our hectic schedules .
We can help you.

Almost all of us have been through the routine.  You cut out carbs and count calories to lose weight only to re-introduce carbs and gain all the weight you'd previously lost and some!  This leaves us all screaming "Why?!"
The reason this occurs is due to the blood sugar imbalances we create cutting carbs and not eating enough.  In the diagram to the left, you can see when we cut carbohydrates and calories we also cause our blood sugar to drop which causes us to burn muscle and creates sugar cravings.  This causes us to over eat or head straight for those carbs which leads to a spike in blood sugar and an increase in weight and body fat.  Which causes us to start the entire cycle again with a heavier weight then we started. 
Here at GTO Nutrition, we are about undieting.  It's not about counting calories and cutting carbs, it's about learning how to eat what you love, lose weight, and be healthy.
Are you ready to stop the yo-yo and start living?
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