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About Us
Some of you may be thinking, isn't GTO a car! 
    Yes, GTO is a car, but it is also my son and Theresa's grandson's initials.  Gabe was born in 2008 and is my youngest of 3 children.  He was born happy and healthy, but on a cold day in November 2008 that all changed!  Gabe had his first seizure, one of many to follow.  We started on medications and dealing with all the side effects of those.  I knew there had to something else I could do and so, I started researching our options.  One of the things that I kept coming across was food & diets.  Problem was, I knew nothing about nutrition, food or how any of that worked in the body.  But I wanted that to change.  I came across  Venice Nutrition and decided that is where I would start learning.  With the education I recieved from them, I was able to learn about the different types of food and how the body uses them.  I was also able to learn how to make myself stronger (I would need it in the years to come).  Gabe still has seizures regularly, but I have learned that there are certain foods he should not eat & I understand how his body uses what he eats/drinks.  I know there are families out there that know they should eat healthier and exercise, but they just don't know how or think they are to busy to do it. 
That's why we started GTO Nutrition.  We want to help education women, men and families on what food is and it all works.  So we could help them understand that you can do it and, for your health and family, you have to! 
What and how often we eat is so important, but it's not always easy with our hectic schedules .
We can help you.